To date, Ignajo has donated 1,327 chairs to different public schools in the country, provided financial assistance and scholarships to 579 students and partnered with 14 NGOs and advocacy groups.

Ignajo Foundation

Building the Future
  • IGNAJO Foundation stands for St. Igantius of Loyola and St. Joseph, the patron saint of workers. Established in September 2004, Ignajo was initially formed to exclusively serve ASEC workers by offering self-reliance programs such as neighborhood businesses through financial assistance. Outreach programs outside the ASEC family were eventually initiated. the foundation’s mission extends out to calamity hit areas as well.

    In the succeeding years, more aggressive programs have been developed and sustained. Educational scholarships,  financial assistance, endowments, classroom and recycled chair donations, and partnerships with other non-government organizations have been formed.

    Educational welfare programs continue to be the heart of Ignajo Foundation. It was and will be the storyline behind the Foundation’s journey towards building a kinder and gentler nation.

    For always, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.